Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Thank you to Jane Dahmen , for your beautiful work, which lead me to write, which lead you to inquire, of my knowledge of Kimura, which I had none, and now through interstate library loans have had in my hands reproductions of his paintings, a feast for my eyes and soul! a blessing to have discovered them in this late winter turn spring. Kin.

To Kimura
Expanse of color fields and layers of looking
within, beyond the physicality.
The land felt.
The light remembered. In your paintings
I hear children's voices, violet hue of new leaves
the tree in the garden standing
through winter's white storm raging
driving rain and roots traveling
deeply come spring
like weaving, pulsing
prodding like love.

"Drawing is a process of printing the light on one's soul."
Chuta Kimura

And a poem by W.S. Merwin
the back of the book "The River Sound"

The String

Night the black bead
a string running through it
with the sound of breath

lights are still there
long ago when
they were not seen

in the morning
it was explained
to me that the one

we call the morning star
and the evening
star are the same.


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