Saturday, October 6, 2012

"The New Green Will Bloom Again", charcoal, acrylic paint, pencil on paper

The Charcoal

From the burned out forests of Colorado, you sent me the charcoal
four distinct chunks, porous, black and cracked
like layers of earth’s strata, the story of it’s life
now in my hands, smudged with remembrance.

I will let these majestic trees speak, even from their ashen body
of what heat and fury, what roar and sounding
as animals fled, humans gathered and winged ones took flight.

And when I cook my food slowly
like I do every season, the wood from the forest my fuel
I say a prayer, to the glory of trees and life
to the brave people who donned their suits and honor
and headed into the chaos of fire
to the ones who didn’t make it
and the ones who did, the new green
will bloom again.


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