Monday, June 14, 2010

June 14th..Flag day..1777. Dear friend's birthday tomorrow.
Gorgeous Peony busting out.  Bouquets shine on the kitchen table.
Rain and sun and lawn mowers.
Traveling, older daughters back home, making room
making pie, making dinner, making paintings.
Writing and making paintings.
Organizing art shows, submitting applications
playing music for kids, for the community
town hall contradancing till midnight.
Listening to jazz.
Listening to sweet harmony on the radio.
Windswept was bought and I stood on the other side of the fence.
Not my home though.
Home for those who have the do-re-mi boys..
Friends, I'm glad for them, was a dream for me.
Summer is next in the big circle of life
the fullness of tree and vine
the love of flower and weed and fruit and fleas.
Working by day as gardener in other's gardens
While the oil continues to pour, into our southern salt waters.
What are the ramifications, how can we go on
like we have always done as we pollute the life force that feeds us
pollute the source from which we were born?