Wednesday, March 17, 2010

time of change the change of time, the dark gets darker the light gets lighter, the sun comes up later and goes to bed later, the dark creeps in and around in the evening when you thought you felt it an hour ago..

who decided "spring ahead, fall behind"?
can't we live in "one" time..the rhythm of the days by the light and the life that we lead?

I just want to watch the world. Listen to the new birds, marvel at the swelling buds, let the sun soak through my winter worn body.

With this brilliance after winters long hold, I am paralyzed, like being long underground, it takes time for one to rise, dust off, and venture forth on wobbly legs, the outside everpresent and calling,  the plants pulsing through the soil, all eager to start anew.

I just want to watch the world.