Monday, May 10, 2010

may 10th..and i sit at my kitchen table the waft of apple blossom, lily of the valley and lilac
crossing, mixing..a heady scent.
The dance is what it is all about..I am convinced..the movement, the flow
the give and the get
the body electric.

driving to bangor, the soft hills of north ellsworth..the colors unbelievable. 
the many hues of green, and yellow, like a fine weave.  and coming home around dusk,  the ochers and the soft pink crab apple..the clouds of white apple blossoms, in thickets, proclaiming the new, the start all over again.

spring has sprung early, and we hardly know what to do.

do you?  In such a riot of beginnings?


Two lovely spring rounds (imagine the lively chorus of childrens' voices)

sweet the evening air of may
soft my cheek caresses
sweet the unseen lilac spray
with its scent it blesses.

white and ghostly in the gloom
shine the apple trees in bloom
apple trees in bloom!


white coral bells
upon a slender stalk
lily of the valley deck my garden walk.

oh don't you wish
that you could hear them ring?
that will happen only when the fairies sing.