Monday, August 6, 2012

Hot summer on the coast of Maine.  Long humid days, blackberries ripening, crickets sounding in the afternoon, Goldenrod, Queen Anne's Lace in full bloom. Working hard on the physical studio building, here at my home.  Rough wiring done, and now on to insulating.  Many questions arising, how to be mindful in this century in the construction process; encountering compromises with regard to the use of green materials versus cost.  Why should synthetic, chemically made material cost less than a natural one?
Writing and painting... full color painting on canvas;  a continuation of the drawn/painted series on vellum "Pieces Of Prayer" that were done this winter/spring.
Best Wishes for a bountiful August.

"She Comes Down From Heaven's Mountain #3" charcoal, pencil, paint on vellum
Your Voice

It was when we had gathered
after midnight, in the dew’s heavy grass
that I first heard your voice
leading our small tribe singing
all songs of remembering
your presence behind me
showering my heart, with your melody falling clear
like water, from heaven’s mountain
and I saw
myself in your brown eyes
next day, in the tent
standing before me
your offering of sustenance
said there was nothing in this world
but the giving between us
that tiny morsel, like Jesus bread
could stave off hunger
could rustle a thriving
and this was truth
as it touched my lips
from you.