Sunday, July 24, 2011

Gallery sitting in high summer, in downtown Castine at the Tarratine, co-op gallery of six members.  Brought with me flower bouquets from my garden, gathered and bundled by my youngest daughter.  Brought with me my ukulele, and have already strummed a tune.  The fan powered by a hydro dam so many miles away is blowing beautiful warm air.  I write on this computer after it has been charged..again, from the same source.
Back one week now from a weekend away in a wondrous field in the western mountains of Vermont.
A community gathered, our intention pure, our hearts open, our willingness to put down our clocks and cell phones and mirrors and computers.  Our willingness to remember and give thanks for this luscious green earth, our willingness to still our being, without thought to what comes next, but to be the chant, be the song in the night, be the human grateful to the earth for feeding us so richly.

 This remembering, this stilling is where I try to go in my creative work.  It is as though through the work I am trying to put form to essence.  I am trying to bring forth the buried familiar.  I want to communicate, this is very important to me.  I believe by trying to get to the deep root, the nub of myself, that what I pull forth will be part of what any of us has within.  Our connection with all nature, our human family, the story of our creativity, our openness, our power.  When the great majority of us at age six or seven stop drawing and painting as a language, as a way of giving, as a way of communicating, we cut off a huge vehicle for understanding ourselves in the world, we start closing off our openness, our ability to receive the gifts from the "holy".

What excites me about my creative process is coming into this place of reception, and through this, through the forms and color, the shapes and the raggedy lines, I hope others will see a glimmer of something they have perhaps left behind, or are attempting to open themselves to.
I am not interested in replication, I am interested in what happens when one opens up to the infinite possibilities and finds form to express what we cannot describe, but we feel; like divine, like the deep forest place, like the essence of water, like love, like happiness.