Tuesday, January 12, 2010

continued cold..spent the day yesterday reorganizing the studio after having only passed through in the last month to either drop off, retrieve, sort through...reset my table and gathered the most recent paintings for easy viewing.  still meditating on what is calling.  heels digging in about inevitable change..sadness masked as anxiety? Two daughters newly off on their own, while the third is here in the home.
so thankful to have been able to give in these last two months..now my attention shifts to my soul work of painting and writing, music making, songs.  This is what sustains me so I may share gracefully with my family and friends.
essential to me, like food, like water.
the dryer broke down today..finally stopped spinning, after it has been creaking along for months.  dusted off gramma's old wooden drying rack and set it up in the sunroom.  save electricity, and save the ears from the racket, though in a small house this now shares my office space.
pink rose red winter sunset. green split peas on the stove. band rehearsal (contradance band) tonight.