Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Second week of November, 2010, time change this past Sunday..fall back one hour, and traveled down to the southern part of the state to deliver 28 paintings of mine to the Lifeworks Chiropractic Center.  The day was punctuated by overcast sky, blowing winds, the russets of the oaks along the highway, and fellow humans scurrying in their cars, route 3 and 295 busy, like we were all trying to collect our provisions for the winter, and in a hurry.
In this time of a slow turning to the longest night, I feel pulled by media/culture to do more, speed up.  Somehow the slow turning becomes a very fast spin into Thanksgiving and Christmas.  I need the daily reminder to step back, slow down, breathe deeply...stretch....and pray.  Remember what it means to be human in this time of autumn, when we gather in, share long and early dark nights with a candle, a flame, a warm friend or drink.  Share stories or songs told in person, in our own neighborhoods, dance while making music for one another.