Saturday, January 9, 2010

hello its me

for the new year, the new decade, the new paintings to come, the poems hiding in the stars, to my lovely friends who are kind, doing the best they can in this crazy world, my wonderful family, singing and dancing, seeking and praying, cooking and loving.
this is new for me, posting thoughts to a greater world other than my journal, but so much of what goes into my paintings is the result of what goes on in my day..

as my artist statement reads;
“I am concerned with ordinary things and the extraordinary ways in which the ordinary shapes our lives. My paintings evolve from an introspection, coming out of an awareness, a sense. There is a surrender, an aspiration to a holy moment so to speak. How we perceive and feel, the nebulous space between the physical reality of a given situation, person or place, and the perceptions we carry, the curiosity and non-linear ways of looking at time. This comes up through everyday living, influenced by the natural forms I see daily, the actions of people in my life, my writing, and is not something I seek out, but rather something that is noticed.”
a start...

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